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Friday Night Football Hair, Makeup, and Outfit!

Football Season!
In all reality, I hate football. It makes no sense! I have tried to get people to explain it to me, but in the end they have all given up. Apparently I am football illiterate
BUT! I do know how to look for the games ;)

Let's start with face makeup...
  • Start off with a primer, I am using Rimmel Fix and Perfect. A Primer will mattify your skin, provide a nice base, and hold your Makeup on all night!
  • Next apply your favorite Foundation or BB Cream. I suggest using something with a lighter coverage a matte finish, because if you are running around at a football game or dancing at the dance you will be sweating a lot... We need to nip that shiny runny look in the bud... Quick! I am using L'Oreal Magic BB Cream in Medium.
  • For an under eye concealer I am using Cover Girl Smoothers Liquid Concealer. I don't really have dark circles, but i have bright blue veins... not pretty :/
  • I have a Mark by Avon Anti-Acne Concealer for any blemishes that might still be showing through. And if you have any really bad spots, like Mt. Everest bad...
  • Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer by Hard Candy. This stuff is the sizz-nit ;) It is made to cover tattoos... Yes, it is really that good ;)
  • Let's finish off the face makeup! I am using the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Sandstorm. This is yet another element to keep you shine free all night!
  • To help keep your makeup from melting off tonight, spray on some elf Makeup Setting Spray. It works :)
  • The last thing isn't for the moment, but you will need them later. Oil Blotting Sheets, use them. Stick a pack in your bag and touchup when you go to the bathroom!

    Time for Eyes....
  • Just like your face, let's start off the eyes with an eyelid primer! This is by elf in sheer.
  • I'm not crazy over eve shadow, but I love me some eyeliner! Let's start off by lining your lower waterline and inner corner with a white eyeliner. This will brighten up your eyes and make them look bigger and more awake.
  • Next take a black liner and line your upper tight line and lash line. But keep it thin! We are going for the illusion that you have fuller lashes, not raccoon eyes
  • My school color is Purple, so I am going to be using purple eyeliner, but feel free to replace it with your school color! I am using this purple to line my lower lash line, but don't go all the way to the inner corner! Only go about half way.
  • Finish this look by using an eyeshadow brush and a purple eyeshadow to retrace your steps on the purple liner. This will help to keep your eyeliner from running down your face! If you have an eyeliner sealer or something to that effect feel free to use that too, you don't want your makeup sliding.

Cheeks and Lips...
  • I know, weird combination, but there were only a couple of things so why not stick them together! ;) For cheeks I am using this elf blush in Candid Coral. Sweep it lightly across your cheekbones to preserve that pretty Summer tan flush.
  • Now lips... Start off by using a lipstain so your color is gonna be there all night! this one is a Covergirl Outlast stain in 415... it has no name? that isn't fun...
  • Next I am using my Baby Lips in Grape Vine (see, there is a name ;) to give that pretty fall purple-ish color. Now I know I have done a lip tutorial/routine before on how to make your lips soft, kissable, and HUGE without using a plumper! If you would like to see that click here!

I went for the pretty basic Fish-Tail braid, which I can not do ;) I had to get my friend to do this for me! I have bangs, so of course they wouldn't stay back. I pulled them forward and straightened them, and then hair sprayed down the whole hairstyle! It held up pretty well :)

Moving on to the Outfit...
It's pretty simple, but still cute! I am wearing my favorite American Eagle Dark Wash Jeans with my Light Brown Leather Cowboy Boots (which you can't see). Moving up I am wearing a Long Sleeved White V-Neck T-Shirt with a Burgundy Tank-Top underneath. Over that I am wearing just a basic Jean Jacket with a Flannel Plaid Light Brown and Burgundy Scarf.
Go pretty basic on the jewelry. I didn't do a necklace because of the scarf, or arm candy because of the long sleeves, but I do have on some pretty dang adorable Gold Fall Leaf Earrings! A lot of basics that come together and (to me at least) just look like the epitome of fall! :) But whatever you wear, just remember to layer, and dress warm! Because if your football games are anything like mine you are gonna be freezing your tail off!! ;)

Have fun at the game, I hope your team gets lots of home runs!

Just kidding, I'm not that football illiterate ;)


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