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September wasn't as busy as August, but it was a pretty fun month! 
Unlike all the other girls who walk this planet, I hate fall -_- It gets so cold! And everything dies... But all in all it is a pretty season, from the inside under covers ;)

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday this month (and for the rest of this semester) I am interning in a second grade classroom :) Ic an't post any pictures, or even really tell you anything about it because of a confidentiality agreement I had to sign... but it is a lot of fun :) I love walking into the classroom and getting tons of little hugs!

 I spent the first week of September grounded, therefore missing the first dance after the football game :( That really was just no fun... at all. 

On the 14th was my papa and his twins birthday party!

They turned 70 :)

Have you ever heard Jason Aldean's song "Laughed until we Cried"? That's all I can think of when I see this picture :) I like that, and in some ways it makes me very sad too.
The next week was Homecoming at my school!! I don't know if you all have Homecoming at your schools, or how you do it if you do. Our Homecoming theme this year was "Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore and Ryan Louis. At my school we have pep rallies every morning before class, dress up days every day, and the school is totally decked out in decorations. And that is just through the week! Then comes... Friday night football! ;) And my favorite part about the football game? The huge dance after!
But I am getting ahead of myself! Let's go through the pictures:)

So every class has to make a banner to hang from the ceiling in the commons at school.
Somehow I got stuck making it this year... I'm not artistic! -_- 
And then came time to actually make it, so me and two other girls stayed after school for FOUR HOURS one day!! 
And this is the Masterpiece that appeared :)
We were seriously so unbelievably proud of ourselves that we couldn't even contain it! :)

And I just wanted to share this picture with you, this is what the floor looked like when we mover the banner... It almost looked cooler than the banner!

And when I came outside to my car after decorating the Banner and found this :) Love you too Breanna :P

Oh! And you can't forget the awesome smily face that went with it ;)

We decorate the teacher's doors for Homecoming every year for a competition. This year for the US History teacher's door we made a moon and one side, and the earth on the other. In the middle Uncle Si was floating planting an American flag in the moon and holding a Black Hawk by the tail (we played the Black Hawks Friday) saying "Hey Jack! Back in 'Nam we used to eat crow all the time!". And then beside him above the earth it said "Not even gravity can 'Hold Us' because the is 'Murica!" 
Cheesy as all get out, didn't make much sense, we got second place ;)
But anywaaaay, my friend was looking at the overalls we cut out for Uncle Si to wear and then holds them up to herself and says "Hey! These are Keechi sized!" ;)

On the first day of Homecoming our dress up day was "Fanatics Day". As you can see, me and my friend completely decked out in Carolina Tar Heels! ;)

Dress up day number two was "Superhero Day". I went all out for this one ;) I "borrowed" my little brother's Iron Man costume from a few Halloweens back (it is a full body suit!) and wore it with jeans. I got poked and prodded all day ;)

I didn't take a picture on day three which was "Thriftshop Day" (Get it, "Can't Hold Us" "Thriftshop"?;) Because I didn't really go all out for that one...
On day four we had "Classic Day". Me and my friend  decided to match and do 80's neon! See the knee socks and sandals? ;)

I also didn't take a picture on the fifth day, but it was school spirit day, and I can't tell you what school I go to anyway sooo... I guess it worked out ;)
But now I thought it would be a good time to explain to you how the last day of Homecoming works. We don't go to any classes, have two huge pep rallies, a teacher talent show, a student talent show, spirit competitions, and anythime we arent doing any of that we are out on the circle hanging out!

We had blow-ups this year! This may not look like a bad slide, but you never even touch the slide part... It was scary! ;)

And before I get into the football game and the dance I thought now would be a good time to tell you how the banner competition went... We lost :( And I promise I'm not just saying this because I was the one who helped make it, but the other ones sucked! We all know it is rigged for the seniors to win, but come on! At least let us have the banner!
So we were joking that we should just steal it and take it home with us... and then one of the girls did :O
It was one of the scariest and most amazing things I have done in my high school career!! We brought it back before the game that night, and no one ever mentioned it again...
The actual football game was pretty boring. We lost, but that isn't anything new ;) But I didn bring my (now) boyfriend to the game and dance with me! That was fun <3
I took this cute picture of my friend with her poster she made for her football player boyfriend at the game :)

The next Friday was my dad's birthday :) We had a little party for him and I made these cupcakes! They are Dark Chocolate with Peanut Butter filling and Cream cheese Frosting (recipe coming soon!)

It was also my friend Corbin's Birthday on the same day! I brought him a cupcake too :)
Check out his YouTube channel here:
My friend Anina made him a YouTube video for his Birthday, you need to watch :)
And after you have watched her video go check out her channel here:

And then the next day my church took a trip to Carowinds for Christian Music Day!!

We slept most of the way there, and aaall the way back, in a pile ;)

Our Youth Group :)
The last Sunday in October was Youth Sunday at our Church :)
Me and Kaitlyn took an initiative and lead singing, and sang a solo :) 
It is a lot more fun to do things like this when nobody is making you do it :)

And that pretty much sums up my September!
See you all next month!
:) <3 (:


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