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Walmart Beauty Box: Fall

I fully intended to get this up on Saturday, as per usual, especially considering finals are over and I am now I break (!!!), but when I went to start writing Friday night the internet was out!  I go to Appalachian State University, with the possibility of 18,000 students being on the internet at any given moment and it works fine... I come home to a house of four people and it immediately crashes.  But regardless, I wanted to try to get this post up anyway just for the fun of it!  (And because I am a bored college student with no job and nothing to do for the next month and a half so... hit me up!)

This is the fall edition of the Walmart Beauty Box, which is a $5 quarterly subscription. 
 These can kind of be hit or miss, but because they are only $20 spread out over a year and a nice little surprise when they show up, I keep it anyway.  This one was actually pretty decent!

This is a "travel size" tube of the Hello Whitening toothpaste.  I was just about to run out of toothpaste at school, and as I said before I am a broke college student, so this came at a perfect time!  It is just a standard mint flavor.

This is the Dove Nutrium Moisture body wash.  This seemed vaguely familiar to me, and I am almost certain I used to use this at my grandparents when I would shower at their house!  I added it to my drawer of mini sizes for traveling purposes, but it is nice to have.

I was so excited to receive this baby Batiste dry shampoo in the box, but also slightly confused... My Walmart doesn't carry Batiste, and it is my favorite!  They need to step up their game!  This is the original scent, and I have already been using it like crazy! This was my favorite thing out of the box by far.

This is the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream for your entire body, not just face.  I didn't realize Cetaphil was doing body products, but I love their face products so I have high expectations!  Sadly this is a pretty itty bitty sample, so it will probably only do for one, maybe two, full body applications.

This is the Clean and Clear Deep Action "60 second shower mask" cleanser.  Nothing against Walmart Box, because this is a nice brand and size, but I have tried this before and am just not crazy about it... I used it for years when I was younger, so maybe it was hormones, maybe my skin just got too accustomed to it, I don't know, but I wasn't keen on the idea of trying it again.

This is a single use packet os the Village Naturals Therapy Aches+Pains Muscle Relief Mineral Bath Soak.  I don't equate this to the other foil packets many subscription boxes send because bath bombs are only single use, and people pay exorbitant amounts for those!  So isn't this basically the same thing?  I thought this was a fun edition to the box, and I'm super excited to try it now that I am home with my own bathtub!

These are Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nails Gummies, and these I do equate to a foil packet sample.  All I can tell you about these is that they tasted good; one serving of gummy vitamins is not nearly enough to find out if they actually do anything.  Nonetheless, it makes the box eclectic, so they were nice to get.

This is an Eco Tools Makeup Brush Cleansing Cloth, and let me tell you, it works!  I used it to spot clean the other day, and I was able to clean most of my brushes without them feeling overly wet.  These would be nice to have, especially for traveling.

I have tired the normal pore strips before, but never the BiorĂ© Charcoal pore strips.  These didn't seem much different than the regular pore strips, but I love them regardless!  Such a mix of disgust and amazement when I see what comes out of my pores...

Even though a few of the things weren't my style or were single use, I received nine items for $5, and you can't really beat that!  If you haven't ever tried Walmart Beauty Box before I highly reccomend giving it a shot!


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