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Themed Presents: Movies

Though the other themed presents I have suggested were versatile, this one can be made completely your own!  It is perfect for the movie lover, and you can choose any movie you like! This was a present for my boyfriend for our first Christmas, and I chose Batman!

Let's start with the basics...
  • Popcorn Buckets - I bought one big one and two small ones to put in the back.  They are a little flimsy, but sturdier than a bag!  They are each from dollar tree for... well I think that is kind of obvious.
  • Candy - The dollar boxes of movie candy (also from Dollar Tree!) are necessary for this present to give it that real movie feel.
  • Popcorn -  You can't go to a movie without popcorn!  You can go very basic and get cheaper popcorn, or go for some crazy flavors (I currently have salted caramel in my pantry!), or be super simple and easy and buy them a bag of the really good already popped stuff.
Now after you've got the basic staging of the presents has been done, it's time to get into the real present part!  My boyfriend already had the movies (just like every other movie known to man), so that wasn't an option...  I chose to get him a gift certificate for two tickets to the movies, a Batman lanyard, and a huge movie poster!  
But as I said you could go many ways with this, and the more popular the movie is, the more options you have!  
You could get them a wallet, Christmas ornament, the actual movies, the soundtrack, a spinoff or cartoon version of the movie, a shirt, boxers, pajamas... 
The possibilities are endless!

If you would like to see the other two posts in this series (Music themed, and Truffles!) you can check them out here!


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