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Birthday Trip: Days 3 and 4

Day 3

So… I totally fell asleep last night without saying goodnight. But on the bright side, for as bad as I slept night before last is how amazing last night was! Now we have to hurry and get ready so we can make it to breakfast at Paula Deen's!
Today I am wearing:
Flannel from Rue 21
Jeans from American Eagle
Not sure about the scarf or headband...

Just arrived at Paula Deen's for breakfast!

I think I am dying…
This is probably my favorite thing, and it isn't even technically one of our dishes!
Yum Cinnamon rolls...

We had chicken and waffles, eggs, bacon, hash brown casserole, bacon, bananas foster french toast, and biscuits and gravy!

And look how pretty Mom's tea was!

Tangers time!

I am so done with shopping… But we did get cupcakes!
We picked out a Christmas tree, cookie dough, classic cheesecake, and turtle.

Headed back into Dollywood! I haven't been feeling so great so we rested at the room a bit, but now let's go!
We saw Christmas in the Smokies! It was really sweet!

I saw these in a shop we went in, they are candles!! Aren't they so cool? I want to eat one!

Please tell me you get this reference?  Andy Griffith??

So after the parade a man made a comment that the masses of people following the final float resembled the zombies on the Walking Dead... We found that quite funny...

A freezing family selfie!

Just got back from Dollywood, now we are headed to go eat!

We ate at Cheddar's for dinner, and though it was pretty good it took forever! For what it was, it wasn't exactly worth an hour wait. I had baked potato soup and a Caesar salad.

So apparently I got pretty beat up in Dollywood... I have these on both legs!

But anyway, goodnight!

Day 4

We woke up around 8 this morning (look at that, we slept in!) and started getting ready to leave… It makes me super sad, but I guess it will be good to be home! 
I forgot to take a formal picture, but today I am wearing:
Shirt from Rue 21
Leggings (from earlier in the week) also from Rue 21
Not sure about the scarf...

Before leaving we visited the shop at the resort, and it was so cute!!

Check out my haul tomorrow if you want to see what I bought!

Gotta get in a game of checkers before we go!

A few more resort pictures... 
This is like the quick service restaurants at Disney!  It had a bakery, deli, and Starbucks!

The front porch... I love it1

Each room in the lobby had names, isn't that adorable?

The gorgeous Christmas Tree 

Ignore the people... But see the picture behind the front desk? It moves and changes! 

A view of the outside from the road

And the sign as we leave...

But today we are going to Gatlinburg and to Ripley's Aquarium!

I know the picture on the right is horrible quality... but the diver is dressed as a elf!

Ahh!! Shark attack!

The underwater tunnel...

This is Ricky... He is just thrilled to be here

So, I kind of figured these horseshoe crabs were just going at it... Actually, the one in the front is the female, and the two behind her are males who are just lazy and have hitched a ride. Typical...

We just arrived for a late lunch at The Melting Pot! The aquarium was so fun!

 We did three courses, cheese, salad, and chocolate!
For the cheese we just did basic cheddar, with garlic and beer.  I got a caprese salad, and it was really good! Isn't it pretty? 

And they made me a Happy Birthday out of Ghirardelli chocolate and raspberry!  I ate it, and it was amazing.

For chocolate we got s'mores, which was milk chocolate with marshmallows flambéed on top and graham cracker crumbs!  You can't really see the flames in this picture, but I promise they are there! 

We just left Gatlinburg and oh my gosh it was so crowded… There is a parade tonight, that we had no interest in going to, and everyone from three states has crowded in it seems like! Now we are going to make another stop or two in Pigeon Forge, then head home!
We went to the Christmas Store and it is sooo pretty, I love going here every time we are in Pigeon Forge!

Time to go home…

Never mind, we stopped at at book store! I got the cutest Great Gatsby phone case and Peter Pan socks!!

And found this note in the bathroom, there were two actually, and they were super sweet!

So I actually forgot to say goodnight again, but I have a good reason!
We got home late, and come to find out our Christmas tree had been on the verge of falling when my grandfather tied it to the wall to try and keep it up.
So here is my father, whole top half stuck in the tree, trying to help tie and tighten it to keep it up...
Gotta love him :)

Thank you all for coming along on this trip with me!
If you would like to see Days 1 and 2 check it out here.
And if you would like instant updates check out my blog Instagram at and personal Instagram at


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