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Outer Banks 2013: Day 12, Tuesday June 18th

10:00 AM

Just got back to the room after breakfast and, once again, I had a waffle :) They are just great! Today is the day we go home, which is very sad :( But we still have fun stuff planned for today before we start the ride home, so it isn't time to be sad yet :)

1:00 PM
Just got out of the Roanoke Aquarium! :)

Elijah took care of a turtle again :)


Turtle being scanned...

Turtle swimming around in the rehab tank! ;)

I thought this was a pretty awesome picture! :)

2:30 PM
We decided to stop at the Christmas Mouse store in Manteo. It was so cool! It is like a never ending store, you keep walking and walking through more and more rooms, all full of cool stuff! I got a Cliffnotes book for my Summer Reading work, and we got fudge and candy from the general store :)

5:00 PM
Just riding in the car... Me and Elijah have watched Wreck It Ralph and slept.
 That is about it...
 I am ready to get and move around!

7:40 PM
We made it to Winston Salem, and at this very moment I am...... sitting in Chuck E. Cheese -_- We promised my little brother he could, and he is very excited, so I guess it is ok :)

9:00 PM
We finally left Chuck E.'s! :)  Elijah ended up with over 300 tickets, and was able to win a bunch of the little prizes :) Now we are continuing on our way home...

11:30 PM
Heading up the mountain, I am almost home!!! :)

12:00 PM
We made it home and unpacked our car :) Our puppy met us at the door, I have missed him! :)

2:00 AM
At this moment I am laying in my bed trying to finish up blogging :) It is sad, but it is also good to be home. Thank you all so much for spending this vacation with me. It had meant the world to me to be able to talk to you all each day and I hope I will be able to do it again soon!
I love you all! Goodnight!! <3


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