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Be Mine... Forever Alone? No, Forever Available!

Just Because you don't have a boy toy this Valentine's day, doesn't mean you have to mope around and feel sorry for yourself all day!! Gather all of your Single Ladies and have a girls night!

Mock Date
Ok, so you don't have a boy to go with, but you can still have the typical dinner and a movie  date with your bestie!

What To Do:
Pick a place you both love eat! If they have a Valentine's Day special order it! Make this Dinner fun, just because it isn't a real date doesn't mean you are allowed to cry into your untouched food all night... And don't forget to shamelessly make fun of all of the sickeningly (not) cute couples being all lovey dovey!! ;)
After Dinner it is time to pick a movie. Try to find something funny! It's not going to end up well if you burst out crying during the kissing scenes...

What To Wear:
We have a few option here...
If you are a Happy Valentine's Day celebrator go festive and wear all pink, red, hearts, wild prints, go crazy! Try printed jeans and a sheer pink top with a neon cami underneath, don't forget the heels!
If you are mourning the demise of humanity for creating this atrocious holiday, go ahead and wear all black, but make it cute!! Try a LBD (Little Black Dress) a black leather jacket and bright read heels :)
No matter what you wear, don't forget the red lipstick!

What girls night would be right without spending un-godly amounts of money on things we don't need? ;)

What To Do:
Go to the Mall or your favorite stores and shopt 'till you drop! Try on clothes and model for each other, buy things you normally wouldn't, buy goofy Valentin's day themed things (think heart shaped antenas with matching sunglasses) and wear them around all day, just have fun! Low on cash but still want to shop? Try thrifting! Put "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore on replay in the car and head off to every thrift shop in your town! Everything is cheap and you can find some really cute original pieces!

What To Wear:
See the "Mock Date" outfits above. But remember you are going to be trying on clothes so pick something easy to slip on and off, try button up shirts so you don't frizz up your perfect hair!

Spa Day and Mani-Pedis
What better way to forget your ex than having all of your stresses rubbed away at the spa! Can't afford a spa day? How about a Mani-Pedi!

What To Do: 
Gather your girls, pile your money and see if you all can afford a day of pampering and relaxation! If you can, good for you! Go for it and have some fun!!
Spa doesn't sound good to you? Maybe just a little bit to touchy-feely? How about a Mani-Pedi! Rock Valentine's day color (that you can show off in those sexy peep toe shoes you bought on your shopping day ;)
If you are anything like me (jobless, license-less, and broke) we can't exactly afford a spa day... so have an at home one! Check out my Homemade Beauty recipes!

What To Wear:
No matter which of the things you try, make sure and go for comfortable (but cute) clothes. Jeans and an oversized Valentine's day themed Sweater maybe?

Girls Night In
Gather up all of your single girlies and have a Valentine's day sleepover!

What You Need:
  • Chocolate... and a lot of it. If any of these girls are PMS-ing or nursing a broken heart, chocolate is going to be more necessary than air...
  • Soda, Tea, Coffee, pick your poison... just make sure it has caffeine!
  • Ice Cream. Preferably Ben and Jerry's
  • Popcorn and other salty snacks to counter all of the sweets!
  • Pillows and Blankets so you can curl up
  • Tissues... and a shoulder to cry on in case one of your girls are in need
What To Do:
Watch movies! Personally I suggest avoiding the Nicholas Sparks movies and other love stories, especially if one of your girls just got out of a relationship. But then again... sometimes it feels good to cry for no reason. Your choice :)
Girl Talk! Trash every boy who has ever even thought of breaking your heart! How Dare They!!! (Put away all of the cell phones for this activity. No Prank Calls, no "I miss you" texts to past boyfriends, no leaking secrets, just... no. Put them away, you won't die without it)
Eat... and eat... and eat! :)

What To Wear:
Valentines Day Themed PJs!!
But... If you end up wearing your ex-boyfriends old T-shirt thats ok too, we don't judge here :)

Whatever you end up doing for Valentine's Day, just don't do anything you will regret. That message to the boy who broke your heart might seem like a good idea at the time, but you will wish you hadn't later. Also, remember that boy's have feelings too. Ever if they like to hide them. No matter what it was he did to you, revenge is not going to make it better, so save both of you the heart ache. 
Valentine's day is meant to be fun no matter what you do or who you do it with... just don't spend it alone. 

"Love is a grave mental disease..."

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