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Love With Food: April 2016 Throwback

Like with the Ipsy post earlier this month, I found this draft the other day and for the life of me I can't figure out why it never got posted!  Despite the fact that it is a year old, I still thought it was relevant and interesting enough to have its day in the sun!  I hope you enjoy!

I didn't try these Laiki crackers for a while because I wasn't sure about them, and I wanted to try them with Chicken Salad.  They are nothing like I expected! They are square, and almost the consistency of Cheetos.  They also weren't too bad for you because they only have the three ingredients listed on the front.  Regardless, I loved them and would eat them with or without chicken salad next time!

These Tasty Organic Fruit Snacks were pretty good! I enjoy fruit snacks, so pulling these out f the box felt like being a little kid again!  These had a really good flavor with cute shapes, so I was happy!  I would totally buy these if I found them somewhere.

This Stinger Cinnamon Waffle was my favorite thing in this box!! It was a good size, about the size of my palm, so it was a nice treat.  It was nice an chewy, and had a really good cinnamon honey flavor, which are two of my favorite things!

This Nutryttiva Banana Bar was really interesting, the only ingredients were Bananas and a veeery small fraction of lime juice.  As a result, it tasted like pure chewy bananas!  The color was a bit off putting (solid black), but I understand that isn't something they can change while keeping it natural.  I thought this was ok, but it wasn't my favorite, my brother loved it though!

This Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze was kind of interesting... It had an odd consistency, and was not good at all at room temperature.  After refrigerating it was better, but I couldn't get past the consistency!  But then again, I'm not a huge fan of regular oatmeal either.

This chocolate chip Biscotti di Suzy was pretty good, and I thought this was a pretty cool snack to include!  It would have been even more fun had they added a hot chocolate or something similar in this box to go with it.

These Boulder Coconut Oil potato chips were good! They had a bit of an odd aftertaste, I'm thinking as a result of the use of coconut oil, but I still ate the entire bag so it wasn't bad!  I like the idea of them being made in a healthier oil, so I would totally buy these again!

I don't really like tea, so these were kind of a disappointment... The candy element is usually pretty iffy, but I think this was pretty weak.  I'll probably give these to my mom since she will actually enjoy them.


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