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My Summer in a Nutshell...

So I know I have been in and out throughout July, and then completely off the face of the Earth for August... Forgive me guys?
I knew you would :)

In some ways I thought you might need an explanation for where I have been, so here is it!


So for the first two weeks of July I was recovering from a June (beach and packing the first two weeks,

You saw all of this remember? :)

 work and Bible School the last two),

This was part of our Bile School castle, it was so cool! :)

 doing Summer work (sort of not really ;), and working with the children's Librarian which was amazing! :) 
We made Dirt Babies!!
Aren't they cute???
The next week was consumed by church camp, which I can honestly say was one of the best weeks of my life! We had services every morning and night, and were part of a huge youth choir. It was a wonderful experience to bond with new people, and get closer to the Lord :) Our group was the second biggest group that came to the camp...
and I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to come with :)
Here are a few more pictures...

I am middle right in both pictures :)
Looking at this picture >>>>
 I roomed with the two girls beside me. The other girl did pretty much everything but sleep in our room ;)

Me and Kaitlyn :)

This picture might be a little weird in this group, but I just had to tell you the story ;) 
This was on the bus on the way home from camp, see the hat I am wearing? I met a guy ;) He just put it on my head when my hair was blowing everywhere (air conditioning on the bus didn't work, so the windows were down) and I just kept it until we got home :)
So now how I met this guy... We were all out bowling and he was sitting behind me, I got up when it was my turn and went to bowl. When I came back me and one of his friends went to sit down in the same chair, at the same time. He tried to pull the chair out from under his friend, but instead his friend sat down and I fell flat on my butt in the floor! Kind of embarrassing, but I guess it worked! We have been talking ever since ;)

The day after Youth Camp, was my little brother's Birthday Party! He had a Carnival party, so we did games, and carnival food and all that jazz :)

This was The ceiling, it's the Big Top! :)

In this game you had to bend over, throw the toilet paper roll between your legs, and through the hula-hoop!

Hold a popsicle stick between your teeth and stack five dice on the tip.
I am always beast at this game! :) >>>

Hold the balloon between your nose and somebody else's, go around an obstacle course, and drop it in the bucket!
And finally, the cupcakes! The cupcakes I slaved over all night and all the next day!
~ Hot Fudge Sundae chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing
~ Popcorn cupcakes with caramel buttercream icing
~ Icee rainbow cupcakes with cream cheese icing

The day after my little brother's Birthday party came another beach trip! And this time it was with my friend Kaitlyn :) She asked me to go to Myrtle Beach with her and her mom... 

Our beach towels, Duck Dynasty and Pirates of the Caribbean! I would ask you to pick which one was better, but with Duck Dynasty it's kind of obvious who would win ;)

We went to a restaurant in Myrtle Beach called Dicks. They make fun of you, yell at you, it is hilarious :) Totally inappropriate! But very funny ;)

I finally have muscles!! ;) 

We got Henna Tattoos! Mine is the Anchor on the right, and Kaitlyn got the Peacock feather on the left!

We bought tattoo lips!!

<<<Here are mine on

And here we are with them, and glow sticks on!>>>

I was back from the beach for less than a day before the next Summer plans began! My friend came over on that Sunday night to spend the night, and then we went to Splash Country the next day and she spent the night again that night! We didn't see each other a ton this Summer so we had fun :) But sadly, I don't have any pictures from that...
On Tuesday after she left, we went to my mom's friends pool!

Her oldest son doing a backflip off of the diving board!

Her middle son tackling a whale! (It dumped him off soon after ;)
And her youngest son chilling out on the water slide :)
And that about covers July! It was an extremely busy month, but it was sooooo much fun!

And now we move on to August...
 The first thing I did in August was go to my friends family's camp for a dance and then spent the night up there (in the middle of no where ;)

If you can't tell, it was a "Nerd Dance"!! ;)

And this would be the hot counselor at their camp ;)

Out of everything, this quite possibly might be the coolest thing I did all Summer...
 I GOT MY LICENSE!!!!!!!!!
I could have gotten them back in May, but my parents are very protective... so I had to wait until August. I am just so happy I have them now!! It is amazing! :D
On the 8th I went back up to my friend's camp (driving by myself this time!) for her Birthday Party! It was a mustache party, and it was a lot of fun :) We danced and goofed off until most people had left, and then we went night swimming (it was so cold!!) and watched the Notebook... I do not like Nicholas Sparks. The next morning we all drove back into town and watched The Hangover, and went to the park :) It was so cool! Mostly because it was the first time I had ever went out by myself :)
On Sunday after church me, my mom, dad, little brother, and both sets of grandparents all went to PigeonForge! We stayed for three nights and four days, and we had a lot of fun :) 

We went to Dollywood and got these cool bottles! :)

If you don't know what movie this is from you must have been in a dessert in the middle of no where... It's amazing!!!


My dad's parents holding hands on the train in Dollywood :)

My little brother wanted to play putt-putt sooo bad, but it wouldn't stop raining! We played about half of a game before it was just raining to hard and we had to stop, but that is some good grandparents that would play in the rain :)
This was one of the holes, it had caught so much rain the ball was floating!

After getting back from Pigeon Forge, most of my time was consumed with doing Summer Work... which was horrid. But I did get one day of interruption when I went out with a certain adorable boy ;) Me and him and his sister and his friend hung out and goofed off all day, it was a lot of fun! Kind of like a way to kick off the end of Summer :)
And then on Monday, school started...  
But then it was all made better the next week because I went out with Maze again ;) We went to the Middle School game to see one of our little friends and then to the park :) It was sooo much fun! Except... I got home late... and at this very moment I am grounded :/ But just between you and me, it was totally worth it ;)
The last thing I did in August was go to our schools first football game!!
I don't actually like watching football... I just like hanging out ;)
Besides that, this is pretty much all I've been doing for almost the past month now...
Interning at an Elementary School three days a week, classes, homework, not much fun... But pretty good as far as school goes ;)

And that pretty much covers my Summer! I know this was a long post, and if you made it through you most definitely deserve a reward email me and I will email you back  a virtual cookie ;)


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