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2018 Recap Part One (January-July)

So I took a year off!  2018 was a crazy year, and a lot has happened, so I thought it might be fun to do a recap of all of the fun, unexpected, and just crazy things that happened in 2018!
I started the year off by having coffee and lunch with my favorite girl at my favorite coffee shop! (She is also the photographer of the picture shown above.)
The majority of the rest of January was spent trying to figure out my life... I made some big changes relationship wise by ending an almost five year relationship I was reluctant to let go of, but it ended up being a wonderful decision that has allowed me to grow in so many ways since.  Sometimes life has growing pains.
Oh, I also turned 21 the month before, so there were a lot of other (now legal) activities going on in my life to help the healing process!

February And in February a wonderful new man came into my life!  He was my roommate's best friend, so he had been around a lot, but suddenly I was able to look at him in a new li…
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Fragrant Jewels: Shipment One

So I decided to try a new Subscription Box... Remember when that was all I did??  I'm sure most of you have heard of the company Fragrant Jewels.  They create candles, bath bombs, and other fun products, all with rings hidden inside!
The first box I received was a present for a friend, and I liked hers so much I decided to try it out as well!  I really wanted a candle though, and sadly this box didn't contain one.  But regardless, this is the Sweet Retreat collection.  The scent is described as "Cool Marine Breeze, Fresh Lavender, and Soothing Chamomile."  It is a bit to floral and fragrant to be especially soothing, but it is very nice and bright for spring.
The first item in the box were mini bath bombs.  I actually prefer this size of bath bombs to the big ones!  I was, however, afraid that since they were mini that this product wouldn't come with a ring, which kind of defeats the purpose of Fragrant "Jewels" doesn't it?  But no worries!  There …

Ipsy: May

We are back again with an old classic!  I have had Ipsy for years and paused it on and off from time to time, but it is definitely still my favorite subscription by far.  If you would like to sign up, you can click here!
I had planned to review this one, but I have to say, I was pretty disappointed with the contents of this bag!  The last few have been great, so I was pretty shocked!  The actual bag however is glittery and gorgeous !
The first thing in this bag that I was most excited about was this full size Ofra liquid lipstick in the color Versailles.  The color is ok in the tube, but on the lips it is very shimmery to the point of having a frosty finish with no color whatsoever.  Also, when I took the wand out of the tube it looked separated... Somehow simultaneously oily and chunky.  I tried to mix it a bit, but as a result it felt more like a gloss than a liquid lipstick.  Disappointing... 
This is the Innisfree pore clearing clay mask.  This is a cool product in theory, but I …

Marc Jacobs Beauty

So last year I was lucky enough to receive a Marc Jacobs Beauty VoxBox from Influenster!  I was by far more excited about this VoxBox than any other I had yet to receive.  But... I got lazy, and even though I took the pictures, I never ended up making a full post about it.  Well, flash forward to 2019 and guess what I get a notification about?  I am going to be getting ANOTHER VoxBox from Marc Jacobs Beauty!  I was ecstatic.  And this time, I was determined to let you all know about it.  But while we're here, why not show off what I got last year as well!
If you have any interest in signing up for Influenster so you can also receive free products to try you can sign up here!
So this is how the boxes come packaged.  Black box, black packaging, black paper, all very dark and sleek.  This lipstick claims to be 16 hour long wear with a liquid matte feel in a crayon.  I don't agree with that statement completely, but it does have a very nice creamy feel and last as long as would b…