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College Countdown: Packing Clothing and Cleaning Out

Let's tackle the packing part first...
Instead of folding or rolling all of the clothes which needed to be hung up and carting them to college in a suitcase, I left them on hangers and wrapped a trash bag around them.  Once arriving in my dorm I hung them up, cut off the bags, and everything was great! 
Also, if you can guarantee that you won't need your warm winter kind of clothing until after Fall Break, then don't bring it!  Take home summer clothes over Spring Break and bring back any fall clothes (which I'll mark on this list with a * for convenience).
Many people on the Internet strictly recommend the thin felt hangers, I have used cheap Walmart hangers and haven't had a problem, so I guess it's personal preference!
  • Dresses
    • Little Black Dress
    • Versatile Skirt
    • "Party" Dress
    • Sunday Dress
  • Shirts
    • Button Downs - Can be worn as light jackets in the spring and fall, or more formally if needed.  I suggest bringing:
      • Denim/Chambray 
      • Flannel
      • White
    • T-shirts - Don't bring a ton because you will acquire many more throughout the year, just your favorites
    • Basic V-Necks
  • Camisoles - Basic versitile colors
  • Cardigans
  • Jackets
    • Rain Jacket
    • Light Fashionable Jacket
    • Warm Jacket* - If necessary for your area
My room came with a dresser, which is where I keep all things I fold.
  • Pants
    • Leggings*
    • Shorts
    • Jeans* - Limit yourself until it gets colder, they take up quite a bit of room 
    • Athletic Shorts
  • Pajamas - Limit yourself, you won't need them all!
  • Bras/Panties and Socks - Obviously...
I stuck a command hook on the inside of my closet to hang my bags.
  • Bags/Wallets
    • Wristlet/Clutch
    • Wallet
    • Card Holder - Such as one that can be attached to a lanyard
    • Backpack
    • Crossbody Bag or Purse of choice
Our closet actually came with a built in shelving unit/shoe rack!
  • Shoes
    • Walking Sandals such as Tevas or Chacos
    • Flats
    • Heels - ONE pair! I promise you won't need more
But these won't fit on the rack, so they go beside my hamper on the floor.
    • Tennis Shoes
    • Boots* 
    • Rain Boots
I bought a hanging cupe organizer and on the top shelf I store things like my hats.  In the rest of my cubes I store random things such as extra hangers, bras, a laundry bag, etc.
  • Baseball Cap
  • Beanie*
  • Belt
Scarves are most easily stored on scarf hangers which you can buy just about anywhere these days.

  • Scarves
    • Printed
    • Solid color
    • Warm Winter Scarf*

Now all of your favorite clothes are packed away... what to do with the rest?  Clean them out!  Go through and pull out anything you know you won't wear.  You are starting a new stage in your life, start with a clean clothing slate.  After you have them cleaned out you can donate them, or possibly even take them to a consignment store and make some of your money back!

I will link below the rests of the posts in this series, and thank you all for coming on this countdown to college journey with me!


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