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My Petal Club

A new box!  And a PERIOD subscription box at that!  I love finding new boxes to try out, especially when they are this affordable!  This box is normally $6.99 per month, but if you use the discount code "SUMMER" on, this box will be only $3.50!  And let's be honest, one box of pads/tampons is usually more expensive than that, so why not give it a try??

So this box primarily consists of just the period products with very few extras.  This isn't one of the present, feel-good kind of boxes, it just provides you with the necessary products to get through the month, at an affordable price.

Step One
The first thing you do on their website is choose the combination of products you will need.  Be warned, you aren't given as much of a selection if you order through Cratejoy like I did.  It worked totally fine and I still got the products I needed, but I like choice!  So I suggest going straight through their website.  You are going to get 30 products total, and you choose your flow to decide how many of each product they think you will need.
The only thing I wish is that they offered a box with a combination of pads and tampons.  But still, this is a pretty good selection!

Step Two
Next you will choose when you want your first box and how frequently you want it after that.  I found this to be incredibly accurate.  I chose to have it come a few days before I expected my period to come, and it came exactly when it was supposed to!  

After you personalize it to your needs, all you have to do is put in your credit card and wait for your box!

My Box
The first things on the top of the box were a Women's Body Warmer and an Infinity Vaginal Test card.
I think the Body Warmer is a really cool concept!  It is like a heating pad that adheres to your body under clothing, which is just the greatest thing ever because I love my heating pad.  When the cramps arrive I will totally be trying this out.
The test card is also nice to have around in case something feels off, then you can just do a quick test before rushing to the doctor.  (This does not replace the need for a doctor if something is wrong though!)

And here are the pads!  I prefer these to tampons (usually), so I knew I'd be more likely to use all the items in the box if I chose this variation.

The one on the left is their night pad and I got 15 of them, the middle is the day pad and I got 5, and on the right is the panty liner and I got 10.  So I guess this is the "Heavy Flow" box.  They are very comfortable and seem to do their job.  Overall, I would highly reccomend this company!


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